Contractor Selects Gradall as His Machine of Choice

John Coffey with his new Gradall XL4300 V rough terrain wheeled excavator. (CEG photo)

Wed October 12, 2022
Katherine Petrik – CEG Editorial Assistant

When AC Concrete was contracted to remove and replace exposed aggregate at a local zoo, it called on J.A.C.K. Coffey LLC of Medinah, Ill., specialists in excavation, concrete removal, temporary barrier walls and jersey walls. The zoo needed to replace all walkways, which meant working in a tight space.

John and Audrey Coffey started their family-owned company in 2007. J.A.C.K. — which stands for John, Audrey, Cody and Kaila — works in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

The job called for removing concrete and subgrade, replacing the stone and preparing for new concrete. Coffey knew he needed a machine that would allow him to work in tight spaces with ease. It would have to be tough enough to handle the task, yet small enough to fit the narrow walkways where he needed to work.

Coffey called on Finkbiner Equipment Company's Andy Bazan for assistance. After hearing the specifications of the project, Bazan recommended the Gradall XL 4300 V rough terrain wheeled excavator.

The Gradall XL 4300 V is powered by a Volvo Tier-IV Final engine. It can travel at 20 mph with full time four-wheel-drive; has oscillation lock cylinders and strong box plate frame construction to provide a stable work platform; and variable displacement high torque piston powers two-speed power shift-on-the-fly transmission.

Operators can work at the front, rear or side of chassis without the need for outriggers.

Coffey knew he had the perfect machine for this job.

"The way the machine is set up, it just has one cab," he said. "The XL4300 is not a highway machine, it's an off-road machine. This way, I can load over myself. I can dig from one side of the machine, swing 180 degrees and load the trucks on the other side."

Other specifications of the Gradall XL 4300 V include:

  • maximum digging depth of 21 ft. 3 in.
  • maximum radius (at groundline) of 30 ft. 4 in.
  • maximum work height (boom below grade) of 14 ft. 9 in.
  • boom telescope — 12 ft. 6 in.
  • boom tilt — 220 degrees
  • bucket pivot angle — 165 degrees
  • maximum lift capacity — 12,540 lbs.
  • operating weight — 43,580 lbs.
  • swing clearance — 8 ft.

"The reason the Gradall was the right choice for the zoo project is that it works perfect in tight spaces," said Coffey. "The zoo has a lot of trees with low branches. They don't want to disturb any of the trees or cut any of the limbs, so with the Gradall, I can go underneath and retract or extend my boom so I'm not disturbing any vegetation or damaging the trees.

Coffey's fleet includes various models of excavators, skid steers, dozers and backhoes. He owns five Gradall XL4100's — all purchased from Finkbiner.

"Gradall is my machine of choice," he said. "That's all I've ever really run in my life. I love them. It's an extension of my arm and hand movements. You can do just about anything you need to do with them. Curb removal, concrete removal, ditching, grading and more."

Coffey also is more than satisfied with Finkbiner Equipment.

"Finkbiner has great people and is a great company, he said. "They're always there if I need them. If I have any issues, they can either talk me through it or they'll send a mechanic right out."

Coffey should know. He was an employee of Finkbiner Equipment Co.

"I was a field mechanic with Finkbiner. I got into the machines and started operating them. My wife and I decided to buy one and that's how our business took off."

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