Unique Advantages of a High Reach Excavator

High reach excavators use shears and demolition processors to make exact cuts when demolishing structures.

Mon September 26, 2022
Company Wrench

In a world where safety and precision reign supreme, cranes and wrecking balls are things of the past. High reach excavators have taken up the mantle as the go-to machine for demolition projects due to three unique advantages.

Fast Assembly

A converted high reach excavator engineered by C.W. Machine Worx can be assembled in two hours without assistance from additional equipment. These converted high reach excavators also only require one operator to attach their fronts. The operator can align the converted excavator's stub front with the high reach front directly from the shipping truck. Once aligned, hydraulic pins from the modular joint attach the stub front to the high reach front and the machine is ready to operate.

"We refer to our converted high reach excavators as ‘self-erecting machines' because they put themselves together," Company Wrench Fleet Product Support Trainer Ben Dowdy said.

"They use custom counterweights that can be both removed and placed on the carrier by the excavator itself. Other pieces of equipment are usually required to assemble machines of this size, but not with our converted high reach excavators."


High reach excavators use shears and demolition processors to make exact cuts when demolishing structures. These materials fall from the structure in a contained area, making high reach excavators the ideal machine for highly populated, dense areas, according to the manufacturer.

This level of control becomes even greater when operators use a telescopic boom instead of a two or three-piece boom. With the simple press of a button, operators can raise or lower the telescopic boom to make precise cuts across multiple working ranges. Two and three-piece booms require operators to add or remove sections of the boom to change working ranges.

"The learning curve for an operator is much easier with a telescopic boom," Dowdy said. "When using a telescopic boom, you only have to worry about your boom and stick functions, like with a standard excavator. Three-piece booms feature a jib or mid-link function that allows the stick to bend up or down. This function is independent of the boom and stick functions so it adds another element to consider for operators. Ultimately, the decision between a telescopic boom and three-piece boom comes down to preference and working ranges."

Industry Specific Features

The following high reach excavator designs can be installed to make the life of a demolition contractor easier:

  • Tilted Cab — The cab tilts up to 45 degrees for increased operator visibility and comfort.
  • Cab Interference Systems — This keeps the attachment from contacting the machine by slowing hydraulics when the operator reaches an unsafe working angle.
  • Interchangeable Fronts — Converted high reach excavators are capable of using high reach fronts, long reach fronts, and standard fronts. This allows a single excavator to perform projects that normally require multiple machines.

Company Wrench offers factory-built high reach excavators from Kobelco and converted high reach excavators from C.W. Machine Worx.

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