2001 Mclanahan 54x35
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Category: Miscellaneous Aggregate
Machine Name: 2001 Mclanahan 54x35
Machine Location:Eau Claire, WI
Serial Number: 20013094
Stock Number: 1164
Description: The washer box is fabricated from steel plate ribbed and flanged for maximum stiffness and rigidity. A flared settling zone of the washer box is provided with adjustable overflow weirs on sides and end., A center feed opening is provided ahead of a removable baffle plate to minimize turbulence in the washer settling zone and assure maximum retention of desirable fines., Both flares at the feed end would be bolted to the main box section with gaskets at the bolt lines to prevent leakage. These flares would be removed so that the unit could be transported by truck and not exceed the acceptable maximum width., Water manifold inlets are provided beneath the settling zone to inject fresh water, if required, for maximum efficiency in desliming and for fines control., Each screw shaft is composed of spiral steel flights welded to an extra heavy steel pipe shaft and abrasive resistant renewable hard iron shoes bolted to the flights. The screw shafts would be flanged at both ends and bolted to
Miscellaneous Aggregate
2001 Mclanahan 54x35
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RB Scott Company, Inc.
Eau Claire, WI
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