2007 Caterpillar 330D L

Category: Excavators - Standard Excavators
Machine Name: 2007 Caterpillar 330D L
Machine Location:Portland, OR 97225
Hours: 9559
Description: 2007 Cat 330DL Excavator with Amphibious Undercarriage, 58' Long Reach Boom/Stick, 28' Stick, Standard Boom/Stick, Standard Undercarriage, Central Pontoon, 13' Wide Profile Bucket, Hydraulic Thumb Bucket, Digging Bucket, Walkways, Standard Counter Weight, Additional Fuel Tank/Rear Platform w/Storage Box.
Exceptionally well outfitted amphibious excavator that has approximately 1.60 psi with a Cat 330DL mounted on it.  Undercarriage is designed to handle up to a 500 class excavator.
Comes with three different stick/boom configurations to handle any site situation.  All configurations include auxiliary line for additional attachments.
This amphibious excavator can easily travel through very soft soils and mud or simply float into a site.
Extremely powerful undercarriage that takes advantage of four individual hydraulic motors that operate independently to provide outstanding performance in all soil conditions.
Excavators - Standard Excavators
2007 Caterpillar 330D L

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Drew Porter
Portland, OR
Drew Porter
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