Genesis XP Maxx Shears Offer Large Results From Small Body

Wed August 16, 2006
Aggregate Equipment Guide

Citing a demand from its customers for a shear that provides large-scale results on a smaller-class machine, Genesis has introduced its line of XP Maxx mobile shears.

Genesis GXP 660 Maxx and GXP 990 Maxx shears provide power usually found in a shear that is one to two sizes larger, according to Shane Kuhlmey, Genesis’ national sales manager.

“Our business philosophy is based upon listening to our customers,” he said, “and their comments always include a request for a shear that offers them added power without the need to upsize their excavator.

“XP Maxx shears are the answer to those demands. By utilizing a superior design of the shear body — in essence overbuilding the body — we are able to install a much larger cylinder and increase the stroke of that cylinder. The result is a shear that provides power generally found in a shear one to two sizes larger. XP Maxx shears are ideal for processors whose operations include heavy structural steel processing and piercing, but for whom a larger excavator is either cost-prohibitive or otherwise not feasible.

“These customers can avoid the loss of mobility, increased fuel costs and capital expense of a larger class excavator, yet still see a significant increase in production,” Kuhlmey said.

The Maxx model shear lineup includes two sizes: the GXP 660 Maxx for use on excavators in the 70,000-lb. class, and the GXP 990 Maxx for use with 100,000-lb. excavators.

The shears’ upturn in power is dramatic, with the 660 Maxx providing cutting forces generally found in shears used on 100,000-lb. excavators, and the 990 Maxx affording a cutting power and speed typically found on shears mounted on 125,000-lb. excavators. Both models also feature Genesis’ bolt-on piercing tip, dual guide blades and four identical, four-way indexable blades to minimize maintenance-related downtime.

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