DEVELON Introduces Its Smallest Mini Excavator Yet

Photo courtesy of DEVELON
The DX17Z-7 weighs approximately 4,200 lbs and is the smallest member of the DEVELON mini excavator fleet.

Mon June 10, 2024

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the job site, where crew members are hard at work navigating narrow pathways and tight corners, a new contender emerges, poised to make a big impact despite its small stature. Introducing the latest addition to the DEVELON mini excavator line: the DX17Z-7.

The DX17Z-7 weighs approximately 4,200 lbs and is the smallest member of the DEVELON mini excavator fleet.

Unlocking potential for landscaping, residential construction and utility work, the DX17Z-7 answers operators' requests for a mini excavator that can swiftly maneuver in tight work spaces. The DX17Z-7 stands out in the DEVELON product line due to its compact size and specialized feature of a retractable undercarriage with a collapsible dozer blade. This enables the mini excavator to squeeze into small spaces when needed and provides steady operation when working on slopes.

"Contractors can say goodbye to the days of difficult navigation and limited maneuverability with the addition of the DX17Z-7 to our mini excavator lineup," said Andy Jeong, mini excavator product manager, DEVELON. "This nimble piece of machinery helps jobs stay on track by tackling the toughest tasks in the tightest spaces. The DX17Z-7 features many of the same premium features as the rest of our mini excavator line, with the added benefits of a compact footprint, retractable undercarriage and collapsible dozer blade."

Enhancing Efficiency On the Job Site

The 16-hp DX17Z-7 is designed with productivity and maneuverability in mind. Offering a 48-in. track width, the DX17Z-7 can travel between homes on tight lot lines or flush against existing structures in developed areas where larger equipment doesn't fit. If the machine can access the work area, it has the potential to replace work that was previously done by manual labor with shovels and wheelbarrows. The machine's zero tail swing design also makes navigating in urban areas and around confined work sites or obstacles easier than ever. Operators can maneuver with confidence next to structures without sacrificing turning, digging or lifting performance.

The new mini excavator features an open canopy cab for optimal operator visibility. A selectable control pattern switch gives operators the ability to change between ISO and "backhoe" patterns depending on their preference. The change valve is located beneath the floor cover and is easily accessible without the need for any tools. The machine comes standard with the new MY DEVELON telematics system that monitors the health, location and productivity of DEVELON equipment from a user-friendly mobile app and website.

Optimized Design

Unique to the DX17Z-7, the retractable undercarriage and collapsible dozer blade offer versatility and efficiency when accessing and working in confined spaces. The retractable track is easily controlled via an electric switch on the control panel. The fully retracted undercarriage allows the excavator to enter narrow spaces. When fully expanded, the undercarriage provides optimum stability, especially when working over the side.

The collapsible dozer blade can be retracted or expanded to meet various job site needs. To make grading, leveling and backfilling as easy as possible, the blade float feature allows the blade to follow the contours of the ground without operator input.

Auxiliary hydraulics are configured with flush face couplers to make quick, easy hose connections when using augers, breakers and other hydraulic attachments. Like all DEVELON -7 Series mini excavators, the DX17Z-7 features a hydraulic quick-coupler-ready design with quick-coupler hydraulic piping installed to the end of the arm. Additionally, the DX17Z-7 has a thumb-ready design to grab and lift objects.

Rugged Durability

The excavator's undercarriage design helps protect against wear and tear of all retractable parts. The rubber track undercarriage provides superior flotation and traction on sensitive or soft surfaces and minimizes damage as it travels across them.

Standard cylinder guards protect the machine's cylinders in the event of collisions with other objects. Onboard diagnostics enable proactive maintenance management to ensure the machine operates at its optimal performance.

Support, Warranty

New DEVELON machines include full coverage for 36 months or 5,000 hours, whichever comes first, with parts and service support from a local authorized DEVELON dealer. Local dealers provide responsive service, reliable parts and trusted advice, while experienced and highly trained professional technicians keep machines running at peak performance.

The new DX17Z-7 is ready to tackle the hard-to-reach places that other pieces of equipment can't. Bringing precision and performance to the tightest corners of the job site, this compact but powerful machine is now available for order from your local dealer.

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