Case Upsizes Equipment for Landscaping Teams Geared Toward Growth

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For landscaping crews who need to handle tough jobs faster, the Case CX50D mini excavator offers more lifting capacity and better digging performance with a deeper reach, making it an ideal solution for bigger projects like pools or ponds.

Wed May 08, 2024
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Case Construction Equipment is beefing up its offering for landscaping companies with new models and bigger features that boost productivity in the yard or on the job site.

As the landscaping industry steadily grows year over year, Case geared its latest round of innovations toward helping landscaping crews take advantage of bigger opportunities to grow their business.

"Many landscaping companies today are experiencing significant growth, but they also have a lot of challenges to navigate, like labor shortages, highly varied job sites and a very competitive market," said Terry Dolan, vice president — North America, Case Construction Equipment.

"Our newest launches aim to support landscapers in navigating these demands more effectively than ever with swift, smooth, smart machines right-sized for the scale of opportunity."

The enhanced lineup of Case machines adds to the company's substantial product launches last year of small articulated loaders and a mini track loader. This year's launch includes a new upsized 5.5 ton mini excavator and a new, full-sized wheel loader that's an easy-to-use versatile machine for bolstering productivity. The company also is launching innovative upgrades for its compact wheel loaders and rough-terrain forklifts.

New Case Mini Excavator Brings More Power, Flexibility to Landscaping Jobs

For landscaping crews who need to handle tough jobs faster, the all-new Case CX50D mini excavator offers more lifting capacity and better digging performance with a deeper reach, making it an ideal solution for bigger projects like pools or ponds. The 5.5 ton class machine packs a lot of power into a compact design, so operators can work up close to buildings or other structures in tight job sites.

Landscapers will be able to find a big range of use cases for this larger mini excavator, due to an impressive array of compatible attachments and options. With standard multifunctional hydraulics and a second auxiliary circuit, as well as an optional third auxiliary circuit, this machine can power a wide assortment of attachments, from tilt rotators to grapples, according to the manufacturer.

In addition, the Case CX50D offers an optional dedicated auxiliary hydraulic circuit to run advanced attachments such as a mulching head, making it a useful tool for clearing brush or wooded sites. Landscaping crews also can opt for a six-way blade to boost capabilities for backfilling or light grading.

"Landscapers are increasingly turning to mini excavators as a labor-saving solution because of their power and versatility," said Diego Butzke, product manager — excavators. "With our latest machine, they'll be able to scale up productivity even more to take on bigger jobs more efficiently."

The new CX50D helps fill out the D Series lineup in the 4.4 to 5.5 ton class, carrying over many of the operator-friendly features and options customers expect from Case, including an automotive-style cab with auto climate control, a customizable LCD screen and an optional object handling kit with check valves on the boom and arm for material handling applications.

New Full-Sized Wheel Loader for Landscapers Does All the Heavy Lifting

The all-new, easy-to-operate Case 651G full-size wheel loader can be a game changer for landscapers who need an all-around workhorse for tough jobs like moving boulders, removing snow or loading trucks with mulch or bulk materials in the yard.

With a breakout force of nearly 24,000 lbs., a lifting capacity of over 16,100 lbs. and a higher hinge pin height for more bucket clearance during dumping, this machine adds more productivity for material handling.

Operation is made easier with a touchscreen display and adjustable, intuitive electrohydraulic controls that allow the operator to independently set boom and bucket responsiveness to smooth, moderate or aggressive. A roomy cab with all the comforts, like AC and heat, heated seats, Bluetooth radio and phone connectivity, lets operators work comfortably while the rear sloping hood and optional backup camera improve visibility.

The new full-sized wheel loader offers three optional loader configurations and is compatible with a variety of tools like brooms and forks, making it a versatile solution for landscapers who deal with a broad range of jobs. Teams also can choose from four-speed or five-speed transmission options to optimize top speeds, cycle times and fuel usage. Different factory axle options are also available to match jobsite conditions and operator style, with the standard limited slip differential axles providing versatile, all-around traction.

Compact Wheel Loader Upgrades Boost Versatility, Visibility for Landscapers

When landscaping jobs call for more muscle than a skid steer loader, Case F Series compact wheel loaders offer a powerful alternative without compromising the maneuverability needed for tight job sites. With the latest round of innovations, Case 21F, 121F, 221F and 321F models feature maintenance-free Tier IV Final emissions solutions that eliminate regeneration and expensive diesel particulate filters to improve uptime.

Upgraded ROPS/FOPS-certified elevated cabs with curved glass offer unmatched visibility for operators. Z-bar linkage upgrades also provide stronger breakout force for lifting. Case 21F and 121F models also are upgraded with standard parallel lift capabilities for fork applications, allowing better visibility of the coupler and attachments.

The versatility of the F Series compact wheel loaders also can help landscaping crews who handle multiple jobs per day improve their efficiency. Operators can quickly switch between tasks like picking up pallets and loading trucks due to couplers and connectors that make attachment changes easy.

High-flow hydraulics on the 221F and 321F models also enable more tools like a broom or snow blower to support land clearing and maintenance. Upgrades to these models also allow operators to choose "Creep Mode" for running tools like snow blowers at a more comfortable pace, or drive up to 25 mph to quickly get from one end of the yard to the other.

Rough-Terrain Forklifts Offer New Enclosed Cab for Greater Comfort in the Yard

Case H Series rough-terrain forklifts offer landscaping crews a versatile, easy-to-operate solution for lifting heavy loads like pallets of mulch or hardscaping materials. With the latest 586H and 588H model updates, Case has added an optional factory-designed, built and installed enclosed cab with operator-friendly features like AC, heat, Bluetooth radio, and noise and dust suppression that let operators work comfortably in sweltering heat or frigid cold. The cab also features an overhead roof window for better visibility of overhead loads and wide doors that secure completely open — allowing for easy communication with crew and increased airflow.

These highly maneuverable machines feature zero tailswing for close-quarter loading areas and can reach speeds up to 24 miles per hour to quickly travel across large supply yards. They're also customizable with a variety of mast options for lifting loads up to 8,000 lbs. as high as 22 ft. depending on the machine and mast.

Case designed all of these features to give landscaping crews more flexibility and construction-grade muscle for handling a wider range of work and jobsite conditions.

"Staying competitive in today's landscaping industry means equipping teams with the power and versatility they need to take on bigger jobs more efficiently," said Dolan. "At Case we're committed to building a better future for landscaping companies with practical innovation that unlocks new levels of productivity and new opportunities for their business."

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