Metso Introduces Magnetic Separation Plant Units for High Recovery, Simplified Operation

Metso is now introducing modular magnetic separation plant units designed for high recovery and simplified operation.

Thu December 07, 2023

Implementing a magnetic separation process includes several steps, from flowsheet selection to ramp-up and ensuring planned capacity. Alongside financial aspects, miners must also evaluate executional and operational factors when selecting the most feasible solution.

To facilitate the selection, Metso is now introducing modular magnetic separation plant units designed for high recovery and simplified operation.

"As the industry leader in mining process technology and modularity, we are excited to launch the magnetic separation plant units. Besides easy installation and maintenance, the scalable units have been designed to provide unrivaled selectivity, resulting in high recovery of fine and ultrafine particles," siad Alex Lagerstedt, vice president, plant solutions at Metso.

Compared to a traditional delivery, the modular plant units result in the earliest time-to-volume. Due to maximized pre-fabrication in a controlled workshop environment and minimized site work, installation is safer, faster and of better quality, the manufacturer said.

Backed by Advanced Magnetic Separation Process Know-How, Sizing Experience

The magnetic separation plant units feature a flexible scope to meet the needs of the end customer or Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM). Delivery includes proven technology for the entire magnetic separation circuit with in-house testing for equipment sizing and flowsheet design, and it also can include automation, installation and commissioning advisory, training, maintenance and service.

Metso's advanced magnetic separation equipment portfolio consists of SLon Vertically Pulsating High Gradient Magnetic Separators (VPHGMS), Metso High Gradient Magnetic Separators (HGMS), and/or dry and wet Low Intensity Magnetic Separators (LIMS). Additionally, the plant units can be equipped with OKTOP feed tanks, slurry pumps, hoses and valves, and coupled with process control systems and various ancillary products and sampling systems.

"Metso's high gradient magnetic separator portfolio features a wide range of processing options for many particle sizes and applications, ranging from iron ore concentrates, rare earth ores, battery and industrial minerals to tailings recovery. Combining these magnetic separators into plant units results in flexible and efficient flowsheets," said Peter Jansson, product manager, magnetic & physical separation at Metso.

For the magnetic separation plant units, Metso also can provide an integrated service offering through its global network. The scope ranges from maintenance, modernizations & retrofits, process optimization to spares and wears, training and Life Cycle Services.

The magnetic separation plant units are Metso's sixth complete plant unit launch for concentrator plants. The previous launches include stirred mill and horizontal mill plant units, flotation, thickening and filtration plant units.

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