MB Crusher Equipment Ideal Tool On Construction Sites in Remote Areas

Tue September 19, 2023
MB Crusher

There would be a lot to talk about on construction sites in remote areas, where everything needed is often not at hand, but at the end of the day the question is always the same: how to simplify the job while saving time and money?

In most cases, everything needed for the project is far away. There is a lack of roads, infrastructure, even the workforce often has difficulty reaching the construction site. The development of these projects requires careful planning especially for logistics. Above all it calls for a careful analysis so as not to waste resources. Unless...

Unless we act SMART, Simplifying operations to Minimize waste, travel and consumption, using Accessories that enhance the heavy equipment and allow all material to be Recovered, resulting in fewer trucks and more Time.

Interesting, right? Let's find out how this is set up at some remote sites.

5 Star Hotel in High Mountains

Getting construction material to the top of a mountain is no easy task, but the customer found a clever solution with a BF80.3, which turned his Sany SY200C excavator into a full-fledged jaw crusher. It reused local stone to produce the necessary aggregate, eliminating hauling services and the cost of buying new material.

Getting to the top of the mountain is challenging, but where the excavator goes, the MB crusher bucket follows, with no need for additional transportation.

A Road to the Highest Peak

Building a road at a high altitude creates a number of problems, from the difficulty of sourcing the necessary material to the complexity of logistics. Again, working smartly by installing MB Crusher equipment to a Hyundai R210 excavator proved to be an efficient strategy. The project was met on schedule and all logistical challenges were overcome. Not only that, but MB jaw crushers are designed to allow operators to adjust the size of the crushed material output to suit the specific requirements of the project.

Most Practical Choice

The MB crusher bucket thus appears to be the most practical solution to revolutionize the process of crushing materials in remote areas where access to traditional crushers is limited, expensive or impractical.

The MB crusher attachment allows materials to be reduced directly on site by using the heavy equipment available onsite, eliminates the need to transport bulky materials to a fixed crusher, reduces operating costs, time and energy consumption, and allows all operators to work even in remote areas.

Among other things, there is an MB Crusher bucket model for every type of equipment, even for customers who work with loaders, skid steers, and backhoes.

In addition to the many economic benefits, MB Crusher also promotes environmental sustainability. Crushing materials on-site reduces truck traffic and carbon dioxide emissions.

Therefore, MB Crusher is a SMART solution!