Ceasars Equipment Finds 'Sweet Spot' With 10-Ft. Screener

The Ceasar model 10S, a 10-ft. screener, is priced at under $13,000, making it affordable for any size contractor.

Thu April 20, 2023

Eric Johnson, president and founder of Ceasars Equipment, grew up around the aggregate business and has always had a passion for aggregate machines.

"My family was involved in gravel beds and my dad was always involved in the construction business, so I was always around machinery and equipment," he said. "I had seen box screeners operated and I had this idea in my head that I could build an affordable, durable, transportable screening plant.

"I started with a blank piece of paper and engineered it over and over again and tested it over and over again until I had it exactly perfect and then we started producing and selling it. It has really caught on and is now being sold all over the country."

Johnson's first model was the 10S, which stands for 10-ft. screener.

Eric Johnson is president and founder of Ceasars Equipment.

"We felt from the beginning that the 10-foot size was the sweet spot for the screening market that we were going after," he said. "A small- to mid-sized contractor, excavator, landscaper who is looking to make material in lower volumes but needs a durable machine that's highly transportable is not in a position to spend $60,000 to $100,000 for a screening plant."

The Ceasar model 10S is priced at under $13,000, making it affordable for any size contractor.

Production levels for any screening plant are going to vary dramatically depending on the type and condition of the material being processed. But, according to Johnson, on average his Ceasar model 10S should be able to process 20 to 35 yds. of material per hour. The screener with a vibrating head can be fed by any loader with up to a 9-1/2-ft.-wide bucket.

This type of screener does not require a lot of horsepower to operate it, Johnson said, but you do want a good, reliable engine. So, to power the 10S screener, Johnson selected the Honda GX series engines.

Since introducing its 10-ft. screeners, Ceasars Equipment has expanded its offerings. It offers a Grizzly unit that essentially is a steel non-mechanical grid designed at a 45-degree angle, which is available in 7-, 10- and 12-ft. sizes. The contractor unloads mixed material across the Grizzly and dirt is separated from oversized material; it is essentially used like a scalping machine.

These units start at under $6,000.

For the small volume contractor or landscaper working in very confined space areas, the Model 7S (a 7-ft. towable vibrating box screener) is now available for under $8,000. This size machine would boast production levels in the 15 to 20 ton per hour range and would be fed by a backhoe to skid steer loader size machine.

When asked what sets his machines apart from other screeners in the same size category Johnson said, "All of the Ceasars screeners are manufactured with ¼-inch structural tube steel. Where we really shine is with the 10S model.

"Other machines in this category don't have a true 10-foot-wide space loading clean out area and if they do their screening deck is simply hanging on a set of chains, which does not produce a very aggressive screening process," he added. "Our screening deck actually sits on a set of springs just like the big dollar machines do and it shakes up and down, not just side to side like a deck hanging from chains is limited with.

"This screening process also allows you to screen damper material, which you would not be able to do with other machines in the same size category. This allows you to screen a few weeks earlier in the season and a few weeks later in the season, which adds up to your overall profitability. It also helps you screen larger materials, so with the 10S you can screen asphalt millings, recycled concrete or larger pieces of stone simply because larger material is not going to screen from a simple side to side shake movement. It needs the up and down movement that the springs on our screener generates.

"Typically, you have to spend over $30,000 to $40,000 to get a screening plant that generates that type of screening action. So, our screening plant and its screening methods in its price range is truly one of a kind."

Another unique feature of the Ceasars screeners is that the angle of screening can be manipulated. A jack is mounted to each leg of the screening plant, which allows contractors to manipulate the angle of the screening bed, thus the speed of the screening. This unique feature is only available because of the screening bed being mounted to springs. If the screening bed was mounted on chains the concept of changing the angle on the screener would not work. Different materials can be screened at higher speeds by the nature of the screen ability of the product. In addition, the screens on the Ceasars screeners are made of woven wire and can be changed in as little as 15 minutes.

Each machine is delivered fully assembled, is American made and comes with a two-year warranty.

Ceasars Equipment currently has equipment available for delivery, ships nationwide and offers financing.

For more information, call 315/281-8241 or visit www.ceasarsscreeners.com. CEG