VIDEO: Weir Motion Metrics: Groundbreaking Solutions for Quarries, Aggregates

Mon March 20, 2023

Motion Metrics, a leading AI and machine vision technology center for The Weir Group, presented its latest portfolio of solutions for the quarry, mining, and aggregate industry at ConExpo 2023.

With a proven history of innovation, Weir Motion Metrics holds several patents for the technologies that underpin its suite of advanced products. Weir Motion Metrics has designed smart monitoring solutions that work together to build a complete picture of productivity and performance for our customers without interrupting their regular workflow.

Starting with the blasting stage, PortaMetrics Gen 2 is a portable fragmentation analysis device that is ideally suited for safely assessing blast results without the need for scaling objects, putting the power of AI and 3D camera technology in your hands.

The device uses artificial intelligence and 3D imaging to deliver improved accuracy and enhanced capabilities beyond those of its predecessor, such as expanded storage and a 50 percent longer battery life.

For loaders, the company offers LoaderMetrics Gen 2 with thermal imaging for missing tooth detection and a blind-spot surveillance system to improve operator awareness and increase safety.

For operations facing challenges with haulage or load compliance, there's TruckMetrics, which utilizes a military-grade 3D camera and high-powered LED lighting system mounted high above the roadway to automatically monitor each haul truck's load volume and particle size distribution as it passes.

TruckMetrics can provide boulder detection alerts without slowing anything down and those alerts can empower dispatch to reroute trucks with large boulders away from the crusher to avoid costly and dangerous crusher jams.

Once the material has been processed by the primary crusher, BeltMetrics Gen 2, can be installed over various belts after crushing equipment to monitor material size, identify blockages and measure throughput from anywhere with MetricsManager Pro — a secure, cloud-based reporting platform.

Authorized users can access the complete history of logs for all Weir Motion Metrics systems connected to their system, then generate custom reports, on demand. With the insight that Weir Motion Metrics monitoring solutions offer, mines are able to react quickly to emerging situations, develop maintenance and productivity plans, use less energy, and increase quarry operational efficiency, accoring to the compan.

All solutions are integrated with MetricsManager Pro, providing real-time operational insights, customizable performance tracking, and secure cloud storage. Weir Motion Metrics is committed to helping mines optimize their operations and achieve their goals with innovative and effective solutions.

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