Gyru-Star Attachment Allows ERC to Flow Material Easily

Gyru-Star has adapted all new buckets in the HDX range to come with a stainless-steel floor. This upgrade was in part to the knowledge gained in the environment working in the damp loamy soil in the local region. (Photo courtesy of Gyru-Star)

Wed October 05, 2022

Gyru-Star West is the regional distributor for Gyru-Star screening buckets, a UK-based Star screening bucket attachment used for processing material like soil, compost or aggregates.

This screening bucket is unique in its design and can be fitted to equipment like excavators, wheeled or tracked loaders and skid steers.

There are currently more than 40 Gyru-Star dealers and distributors in various countries around the world, making the screeners accessible to a wide range of industries and environments, where the buckets may be used for various purposes. For example, such as topsoil, pipe & cable padding, backfilling, aeration, mixing and blending, demolition waste recycling, compost recycling and much more.

Shane Miller works for Earth Resources Corporation Inc. (ERC) located in Prescott Valley, Ariz. The company is a civil engineering firm specializing in (among many other construction specialties) residential underground work, commercial underground and commercial infrastructure and has realized the value of the Gyru-Star screening bucket firsthand.

Miller and the team at ERC first tried the Gyru-Star bucket back in October 2020 using a Gyru-Star GS 6-150HDX Star screening bucket on a short-term rental. Miller put the bucket to work in the Prescott area and tested it out on a pipeline project.

Gyru-Star has since adapted all new buckets in the HDX range to come with a stainless-steel floor. This upgrade was in part to the knowledge gained in the environment working in the damp loamy soil in the local region and Miller has been sold ever since.

ERC has now purchased a new GS 6-150HDX and are happy with the modifications. This modification, which is now standard across the range, assists in the flow of material through the bucket increasing efficiency and productivity.

Arizona Public Service (APS) is the largest electric utility corporation in Arizona and it requires that when doing electrical conduits, you must utilize native material. Essentially, by using the Gyru-Star attachment, contractors can screen native material onsite thus avoiding material import costs. Companies are not wasting time, money and ever increasing fuel expenditure by exporting material to an off site location to dumped in landfills. The screening is done right there onsite offering savings to both the contractor and the customer.

Miller loves the time saving aspect of the Gyru-Star.

"Without the attachment a typical 500-foot trench would take three hours, using the Gyru-Star attachment it takes less than an hour," he said.

Miller then used another example regarding a recent job, "we were trenching 1,200-to-1,500 feet per day and did 14,000 feet in three weeks. This would have taken 4 ½ weeks if they had to use a loader and a conventional static box screen," he said.

Miller uses the Gyru-Star mainly with electrical conduit, as water and sewer require different applications. This attachment simply "screens material cleaner, the operator doesn't have to go outside their easement and confines the work-space in half and allows a cleaner operation within the right-away. We see more potential work using the bucket due to the growth in the Prescott Valley area for tight projects in residential neighborhoods and in remote ranch properties nearby."

Brandon Sorenson, an operator of ERC, appreciates that it produces, "less dust, only screening directly over the target area without unnecessary waste and less clean up with manual labor."

The Gyru-Star saves time and money by lessening the steps.

"The ability to screen directly into the trench allows for faster shading across the bottom and the top of the utility pipes and creates a zero-waste jobsite," Sorenson said.

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