Higher Application Diversity for Cone, Impact Crushers

The MOBICONE MCO 90(i) EVO2 and MOBIREX MR 110(i) EVO2 can now be equipped with an optional double-deck post screening unit.

Thu August 25, 2022

Kleemann's mobile cone crusher MOBICONE MCO 90(i) EVO2 and the mobile impact crusher MOBIREX MR 110(i) EVO2 can now be fitted with a double-deck post screening unit as an option.

Cone crushers are mainly used in hard stone, impact crushers in soft to medium-hard stone and in recycling. A very high product quality is expected from both plant types. Due to the new optional double-deck post screening unit, it is now also possible, with a single machine — without the use of an additional screening plant — to produce two classified final grain sizes.

Double-Deck Post Screening Unit Guarantees High Application Diversity, Flexibility

The large screening surface makes effective screening possible especially for grain sizes below 7/8 in. The discharge height of the fine grain conveyor is designed for a maximum stockpile volume. Oversize grain can be processed in a closed material circuit via a return conveyor.

As an option, the conveyor can be swivelled hydraulically by up to 100 degrees, which also makes side discharge possible. A kidney-shaped stockpile can thus be created manually.

If an application is only to produce one classified final grain size, the post screening unit can simply be used as a single-deck version.

Wind Sifters for Effective Cleaning

As the MOBIREX MR 110(i) EVO2 is frequently used in recycling applications, wind sifters are used here as an option. They provide better material quality because lightweight material (e.g. wood and plastic) contamination is removed from the material, according to the manufacturer. The air flow can be controlled precisely depending on the material, reducing manual sorting work.

The wind sifter can only be used in conjunction with the post screening unit. With the double-deck post screening unit, a second wind sifter can be used as an option for cleaning the medium grain.

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