VIDEO: Improving Recycling, Reusing Materials in Strange Processes

Tue August 23, 2022
MB Crusher

We read everywhere about the importance of recycling and how it is our duty — an act of kindness for our planet and the environment.

We are certainly all in agreement. But ... (and there is always a but) in some cases — specifically the odd ones — to recycle, you need to think outside the box.

So MB Crusher decided to tell some unusual recycling stories that our customers sent it. In many cases, we were left speechless. In others, truly amazed. We hope you are too after reading their stories. And if you have bizarre stories, too, send them our way!


Imagine a massive chemical plant that is constantly trying to improve its carbon footprint. They had 200,000 cu. yds. of nylon-contaminated gypsum.

How did they separate the two? By installing an MB-S18 screening bucket on their Caterpillar 323 and voila! The gypsum was cleaned of all nylon residues. An out-of-the-ordinary but very effective method!

Clean Earth

The beauty of MB's trommel screener is that its interchangeable screens come in different sizes. In Chile, to separate excavated soil from sticks and brushwood, our customer used the MB-S18 mounted on Case 210, and they chose a bigger screen size to adjust for the desired material size.

Sticky Materials

Surely everyone agrees that reclaiming brownfields can be daunting. Luckily for us, this Scottish company is specialized in such challenging tasks. They use an MB-R800 drum cutter to mix sticky and wet materials before feeding the thermal plant, optimizing the entire process and increasing the plant efficiency. We are left speechless by this application. Well done!

Stranger Than That

When we launched the shaft screener line, we envisioned them as versatile due to the shafts being able to be changed on-site. As well as the broad selection of shafts to choose from, we knew they could tackle several types of jobs. But little did we know that they could also: aerate salt, sift foundry steel fluff and blend ashes. All those different materials would have gone to waste, but the aptitude to recycle has given them a new purpose. There is nothing we can say besides BRAVO!

Back to 1980s

Those are some impressive applications, right? So let's see something more playful; after all, it is summertime.

Hands up, who grow up in the 80s!

Surely you will remember the summer bonfires on the beach. Imagine using an MB-G900 grapple to make the biggest bonfire ever!

And if you double-park or forgot your keys inside a locked van, let's move it out of the way with the MB-G900 grapple. Easy peasy.