Rock Machinery Co. Partners With Moraine Park Technical College

Tue August 02, 2022
Rock Machinery Co.

Rock Machinery Co. LLC, a distributor of processing equipment and parts for the aggregate, mining and recycling industries, announced its partnership with Moraine Park Technical College on creating a Maintenance Technician Apprentice program.

Maintenance technicians perform tasks related to installation and repair of manufacturing, process and facility-related equipment. Both mechanical and electrical skills are applied to preventative and predictive maintenance, equipment repairs and equipment enhancements.

The apprenticeship combines theory and hands-on instruction at Rock Machinery's facility for each student, enhancing the skills required for a career in the technical trades. Students will learn safety precautions, print reading, National Electrical Code, motor controls, programmable controllers, preventative and predictive practices, fluid power and welding.

The Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship consists of five years at 10,144 hours, of which 876 hours are spent in paid-related classroom instruction.

"An apprenticeship is an opportunity for people to learn a skill in the trade whereas going to the university you learn an education," said Steve Horvath, Associate Dean of Trades of Moraine Park Technical College.

"At Moraine Park, we are establishing a new relationship with Rock Machinery. When you are in an apprenticeship, you are working full time. In many cases, the employer sponsoring you in the apprenticeship also pays for your education. Apprenticeships teach you a skill you can use on the job and allow you to earn income right from the get-go."

"We are very pleased to partner with Moraine Park Technical College to offer future apprentices the best classroom training while learning from some of the best technical service people in the business," said Bryant Fazer, president of Rock Machinery.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for individuals to build the skills that will be very hard to come by in the next 5 to 10 years. If you can commit to participating in the program, you will have a promising future as the current generation retires."

Interested students should contact Bryant Fazer at or 414/331-6141.

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