VIDEO: MB Crusher Introduces MB-HDS523 Shafts Screener

Wed May 12, 2021
MB Crusher

MB Crusher prides itself on keeping an eye out for its customer's needs, and now is showing that it has been listening.

"Our customers have shared their grievances, telling us about the difficulties they face on their job sites, and it's these problems that we've used as a stepping stone for new concepts and ideas," the company said.

Two years after it launched its new range of MB-HDS shafts screeners, it realized it had the opportunity to do more.

"Our customers needed something more, an advantage, and an added value on other construction sites or application areas. And that's where the idea for the big sister of the MB-HDS range — the MB-HDS523 shafts screener bucket — was born. The biggest, strongest and toughest."

The unit is compatible with excavators with an operating weight ranging from 30 to 45 tons (60,000 to 90,000 lbs.).

"They're meant for sectors where power and sturdiness are essential, such as in quarries, where you need to treat large quantities of material like coal and phosphate. Or to move, sift and aerate tons and tons of earth, such as excavating, earthmoving, and large trenching projects. But it's not limited to just these application areas, because regardless of the construction site or material, the new MB-HDS523 shafts screener is well-equipped and only has one goal: a high productivity rate," the company said.

The MB-HDS523 is the only HDS unit with five shafts positioned to ensure a greater production rate and processing speed. The "V Shaft System"'s design precisely creates a simultaneous dual screening effect and increases production.

Everything in the new MB-HDS523's design maximizes the results: the concealed comb allows the material to enter and flow through the rotors without jamming, and the unit comes with a removable front upper casing, giving the unit a greater closing angle and increase production.

The largest in the range also is the most powerful: the MB-HDS523 shafts screener is powered by two motors, ensuring consistent and quick performance.

But, power is nothing without adequate durability: the MB-HDS523 screener is solid, durable and suitable for demanding construction sites and heavy workloads, the company said. The parts that are subject to wear are protected by reinforced Hardox steel slab, and the bracket and frame are also thicker, making it a well-performing machine.

"You might think that equipment of this caliber is demanding to maintain, requiring special maintenance, expensive machine downtime, or that the shafts need to be changed in a workshop. But you would be wrong.

"MB Crusher wants to facilitate work on the job site in every aspect, especially when it comes to maintenance. A construction site that's always functioning is a construction site where the job finishes earlier, saving time and money," the company said.

The MB-HDS523 shafts screener comes with a centralized greasing system to simplify and speed up maintenance operations. Much like the others in the range, the shafts are easily switched out: they can be replaced on-site and in a few minutes. The system firmly holds the rotating system, and the rotors can be easily extracted and repositioned.

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