Avery Carter Compost + Soils Expands With Powerscreen

Avery Carter Compost + Soils reached out to Powerscreen Mid-Atlantic to turn waste into profit.

Thu March 04, 2021

Avery Carter Compost + Soils purchased its first truck to haul tailing materials to landfills from nearby organic facilities. When it noticed the amount of sellable material that was being discarded, the company purchased a 9-acre piece of vacant land, and, after accumulating material for years, decided to pursue the possibility of processing the material to recover the sellable fines products.

Powerscreen Mid-Atlantic's Adam Logan was well-known in the area, and the dealer has a large presence, so the company reached out to him for an education and guidance on the best machine for processing.

"We purchased our Neuenhauser 3F after witnessing the machine's ability to process material at high production and high quality," the company said. "We are already looking at adding Powerscreen conveyors, as well as a Powerscreen scalping screen as we plan our next step in business."

For more information, visit https://powerscreenmidatl.com/.