Soosan America Takes Different Approach to Rock Drilling

Soosan America believes in keeping all functions as simple as possible.

Wed February 17, 2021
Soosan America

Just because technology makes it possible to automate a system, doesn't mean that the system will function better automated.

The current trend in the drilling industry is to mimic the automotive makers in attempting to automate every function in a rock drill. While automation will suit a few applications, the majority of rock drilling projects require operators and blasters with experience and skill to complete the tasks at hand.

Electronics offer users digital displays and measurements that are helpful to the operator, but not always necessary. These electronic components are especially susceptible to the oils, grease and extreme vibration associated with the drilling process, yet many drill manufactures continue to add more and more of the fragile systems to their equipment.

Failure of these digital systems can lead to extended down time and lost production for systems that are many times not even required for the drill to function effectively.

Soosan America of Louisville, Ky., takes a different approach to drilling.

All functions are kept as simple as possible. The simplified systems in the Rock Commander drills are more reliable and easier to maintain with the bare minimum of electronics, according to the company. These simple systems reduce down time and increase the profit margin at the end of the day.

Most problems can be addressed over the phone with input from the operator and troubleshooting experts in Louisville, Ky. Parts can be sent out the same day with next day delivery almost anywhere in the United States.

"The moto at Soosan America is 'Keep It Simple'. We believe when it comes to drilling rock 'the smartest thing in the drill should be the operator,'" the company said.

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