Granite Construction Opens New California Facility in Arvin

(Granite photo)

Tue January 12, 2021

Granite recently opened their Solari aggregate plant in Arvin. Solari will safely and sustainably provide aggregate and asphalt to private and public customers in the Bakersfield market.

The new facility sits on 700 acres.

Designed with efficiency and sustainability in mind, Granite said automated plant controls maximize the plant feed rate and crusher production. Also, a new wash plant produces concrete aggregate while minimizing the demand for fresh water with its engineered three-stage water management system. Both variable-frequency drives and plant automation, which staggers large motor startups, reduce the facility power demand.

"The new facility is Granite's 77th materials facility," said Brad Estes, vice president, construction materials of Granite. "We're excited to open another facility supporting Granite's vertically integrated business in the Bakersfield market."

Exploration of the Solari aggregate deposit began in 2006. Permitting began in 2008 and facility construction began in September 2019. Aggregate production began in December 2020 and asphalt production will begin during the second quarter this year.

Granite's construction materials business stretches across the western United States, specializing in aggregate plants, asphalt plants and recycling operations that supply external customers and support Granite's vertically integrated business.