Rockster Duplex Crusher Conquers Morocco

Wed October 07, 2020

Since February 2020, the Rockster R1100D impactor with screen box and return belt has been creating valuable aggregate for CSB Mobile. The easy handling and good performance of the crusher as well as the possibility of processing various materials were key criteria for the purchase.

CSB Mobile S.A.R.L., with its headquarters in Casablanca, is a reliable specialist in earthworks. With 10 employees and a machine fleet of three bulldozers, three excavators and one flatbed truck, it can cover a wide range of contracts from roadbed preparation all the way to quarry stone mining.

Building a water storage reservoir in Mohammedia and crushing the material to 0/40mm with the Rockster impactor R1100D.

Expansion of Business Field With a Mobile Crusher

Since one of the CEOs of CSB is from Ukraine, he got in touch with Rockster's Russian dealer Maksim Perminov, who offered him a range of possibilities. CSB wanted to put more emphasis on demolition, recycling as well as quarry stone mining and one of the key requirements was a crusher with large inlet opening and a good performance.

"I recommended them a track-mounted Rockster R1100D impact crusher because the handling of this hydrostatic driven machines is quite simple and the output is remarkable," said Perminov.

Feeding size is up to 1000mm, final product size 0/40mm – 100 percent defined due to screen box and return belt.

The main benefit of the hydrostatic drive is the constant crushing performance due to the continuous adjustment of the hydrostatic pressure to the power requirements of the crusher. This leads to a noticeably reduced diesel consumption per ton of production. An additional benefit of having a crusher with hydrostatic drive is reduced wear costs in comparison to a conventional clutch system.

The final product produced by the Rockster R1100D is well shaped cubic grain of high quality, as was certified by laboratory.

Duplex Creates More Flexibility

Another reason why CSB Mobile chose this Rockster crusher was the Duplex-system. The R1100D is Duplex-able and can be quickly modified from an impact to a jaw crusher and vice versa. This allows the customer to achieve maximum machine utilization and rapidly adapt to different job requirements. Besides concrete and asphalt, the CSB Mobile also crushes gravel, sand and different types of hard rock.

Water Reservoir in Mohammedia

Water is a rare and therefore valuable commodity in Morocco. So, one of the first projects for the R1100D impact crusher was to process 10,000 cu m of gravel that comes from a pit under a water storage reservoir in Mohammedia near Casablanca. Gravel is a rather abrasive stone that includes pure iron ore with a high specific gravity weighing up to 2.8 kg/cu m. The size of the loaded material was up to 1000 mm, the final fraction 0 to 40 mm is called "GNF".

It usually contains 10 to 15 percent soil, but due to Rockster's prescreen in combination with the side discharge belt, CSB receives a very high-quality end product that they can sell for about 70 to 90 Dirham ($7 to $9 USD).

Mobile Crusher in the Sand Quarry

To crush heavily compressed sand in a sand quarry was a second, very different task for a Rockster impactor. The sand is excavated with a vibro-ripper from an extremely strong quarry wall.

"This ripper produces solid lumps of sand. Then the excavator loads lumps into the crusher with a 5 mm screen, and we get great sand," said CSB owner Lurii Lisnichenko.

With the screening system mounted onto the crusher it is easy to produce an exact defined final grain size in one pass.

In Morocco, sand obtained from a quarry is a product of high demand. The cost can range from 100 to 110 Dirham per cu m ($10 to $11 USD) and it is sold directly from the quarry.

Crushing sand lumps sized up to 600 to 700 mm to 0 to 5 mm fine material.

Easy Transport

The mobility of the machine is a very important factor in Morocco. Most importantly for working directly on a job site or where a material extraction takes place. The customer can put the crusher on his own flatbed truck and transport it anywhere depending on the job.

Flexibility not only plays a role when it comes to moving the crusher but also it expands customer's mobility in taking on jobs that were previously not possible. In that case the size and weight of the crusher also are very important in combination with its performance.

While going to a new working site, the crusher is easily fueled up on a regular gas station.