ACS Coupler Systems Turn Backhoes Into Tool Carriers

Wed July 05, 2000
Aggregate Equipment Guide

ACS Industries Inc. offers coupler technology for backhoes that is highly durable, easy to use and yet is designed to add versatility to the front end of a backhoe loader.

The ACS series 1500 quick coupler has a compact design that balances strength and performance. Its solid faceplate is in full contact between coupler and the attachment to evenly distribute the weight of the load and the attachment to prevent twisting or bending.

Loader coupler systems typically are difficult to use when on rough, uneven terrain. The self-aligning, single-point pick up provides fast coupling on any surface, even with poor visibility. Instead of trying to line up the backhoe loader to hook into two opposing hooks, the operator only has to engage the self-aligning single point at the top of the attachment. And then as the operator lifts the attachment, it slides into place and is then secured by double shear pins that lock the attachment.

ACS series 1500 universal coupler systems can provide complete interchangeability of attachments between “same size” backhoe loaders. With an ACS series 1500 coupler system, one machine or several "same sized" backhoe loaders can share attachments including general purpose buckets, side dump buckets, construction forks, multi-purpose buckets, barrel handlers, backfill blades and other application specific-attachments.

ACS series 1500 backhoe loader quick couplers are available with either hydraulic or manual locking systems.

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