Superior Industries Highlights Conveyor Component Innovations

Fri January 24, 2014
Aggregate Equipment Guide

Superior Industries, the Morris, Minn.-based manufacturer of conveyor systems and components, will highlight its latest conveyor component innovations at ConExpo-Con/AGG 2014 in Las Vegas, with an indoor site in Central Hall (Booth #51838); and an outdoor site in the brand new Platinum Lot (Booth #7602).

Chevron Pulley

Versus traditional wing pulleys that trap fugitive material and cause wings to tip or bend, the Superior Industries Chevron Pulley deflects fugitive material out and away, preventing costly belt damage. Also, with its even-wearing rounded contact bars, its continuous belt contact reduces beating action and vibration for quiet operation. The Chevron Pulley will be displayed next to a traditional wing pulley; and sales and engineering representatives will be on-hand to discuss the key differences in operation between the two.

Navigator Return Trainer

Effective in both wet and dry conditions, the Superior Industries Navigator Return Trainer idler maintains proper belt tracking by using the gravity of the belt weight to make the roller shift and thus track the belt. The misaligned belt puts pressure on one side of the training idler, causing the training idler to tilt and guide the belt back to center. Designed as a contact-free product, the return trainer is free of wear parts and any side contact to the belt, leading to longer wear life and less maintenance. Additionally, its rubber lagging sheds material and increases friction, keeping the belt aligned and preventing belt damage.

Exterra Belt Cleaners

The Superior Industries line of Exterra belt cleaners features a blade design that’s manufactured with a thicker profile and a beefier tip for more material at a scraper’s point of attack, according to the manufacturer. At ConExpo-Con/AGG, Superior will highlight its Exterra SFL dual belt cleaner, a combination primary and secondary cleaning system that features two blades on one mounting pole. Also, the system features a one-time tensioning system at setup, requiring no further tensioning during the life of the blade.

Complete Solutions

At the show, Superior Industries also will display a representation of its complete line of conveyor pulleys; and its complete line of CEMA-rated idlers which includes its Moxie rolls that shed sticky materials and prevent tracking issues; and its Urathon return rolls that prevent material buildup and significantly increase wear life. Superior also will highlight its sealing system that prevents material spillage in load zones; and engineers will address the company’s Core System design, a package that delivers a single-source for power transmission components, while eliminating the headaches of onsite assemblies and reducing installation time.

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