Genesis XT Mobile Shears Mount on Smaller Carriers

Tue May 07, 2013
Aggregate Equipment Guide

Genesis Attachments’ XT mobile shears is designed to process scrap more efficiently and fit on smaller carriers, reducing initial acquisition investments and hourly energy consumption costs, according to the manufacturer.

Shorter in length and height and lighter in weight, the GXT features a center of gravity that is closer to the excavator, enabling the GXT 555 and GXT 665 rotating models to mount on 46,000 to 66,000 lb. (20,865 to 29,937 kg) excavators that previously could only carry smaller, less powerful shears.

"The new GXT is a customer-driven product, built on extensive customer input and our relentless pursuit of continuous improvement," said David Palvere, Genesis director of business development. "The many new features of the GXT are the result of conversations with customers about how mobile shears can further increase productivity while reducing maintenance and operational costs for scrap recyclers and demolition contractors."

Some of the new features include:

• A bolt-on piercing tip that encapsulates the front end of the upper jaw, protecting the tang and reducing wear and damage

• A weld-on, replaceable, highly abrasion-resistant steel rhino horn that protects the front and top of the upper jaw, reducing maintenance and the need for build-up

• The apex, where most cutting is done, is closer to the back of the jaws improving material gathering and increasing cutting performance and efficiency

• Dual guide blade lengths match the piercing tip blade length, enabling the guide blades to be shimmed independently to accommodate piercing tip wear

The GXT line, when complete, will fit 20,000 to 250,000 lb. (9,072 to 113,400 kg) excavators.

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