Superior Industries Trailblazer Conveyor Sets New Standard

Tue December 11, 2012
Aggregate Equipment Guide

Superior Industries’ Trailblazer conveyor enables crews to set up or take down in as little as two hours. That’s a significant time savings over both transfer conveyors, which contain multiple pieces, and stationary groundline conveyors, which require days or even weeks for setup and tear down.

The versatility of the Trailblazer conveyor makes it ideal for a variety of applications and industries including aggregate, mining, recycling, waste handling and bulk processing. It includes 500-ft. (152 m) of fully belted and assembled groundline-style conveyor that folds up in an accordion style to easily transport on an attached 84-ft. (25.6 m) trailer. Providing 500-ft. in a one-load, towable package makes installation as easy as determining a starting point and marking the destination. Once marked, the truck driver moves forward, and a crew of two to four unloads the conveyor. The crew inserts the supports as the conveyor takes shape, sets take-ups and attaches the conveyor’s hopper. For added productivity, the hopper can be placed at any location along the conveyor.

The Trailblazer conveyor’s accordion design not only allows for easier transport, but it also provides greater length with less set-up time. With a length of 60 to 80 ft. (18 to 24 m) for an average transport conveyor, it would take up to eight of them to equal the same 500-ft. stretch of the Trailblazer conveyor. Those other conveyors also would require eight belts to maintain, eight drives to power and eight transfer points. Connecting points can become spillage zones and greasing points. Eliminating them not only decreases the amount of spillage, but also the number of areas that require supports. That, in turn, significantly reduces downtime for maintenance.

Further enhancing efficiency and productivity is Superior’s Navigator return trainer. Used to provide continuous belt alignment, the return roller from the company’s components division maintains tracking and avoids material buildup that can cause costly downtime. Hinges provide belt flexibility to easily accommodate variations in grade, and a 50 hp (37 kW) system ensures smooth travel at any incline.

Trailblazer conveyors are fully customizable and can be designed to various lengths and with additional components to fit a customer’s specifications. Standard belt sizes are 36 or 42 in. (91 or 107 cm) wide by 500 ft. long. Capacity limits range from 1,000 to 1,200 tph (907 to 1,088 t) of 100 lbs. per cu. ft. density material, with a belt speed of up to 400 ft. (122 m) per minute.

The Trailblazer conveyor also is engineered and equipped with safety in mind. Its towable package includes a fifth wheel hitch, brakes and directional lights. Transport straps and pull-pins ensure that each conveyor section comes off the chassis one at a time, and help guide it safely onto supports. Bolt-together guard rails easily pin into place. In addition, to ensure safety during set up and take down, Superior’s team provides conveyor operators with complete training on the system.

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