Superior Industries Return Roll Extends Conveyor Belt Life

Tue November 13, 2012
Aggregate Equipment Guide

Superior Industries’ Urathon Return Roll sheds sticky material, ensuring smoother conveyor belt alignment and less belt damage, making it ideal for use in the mining, aggregates and other bulk material handling industries. Constructed of heavy-duty 87A durometer urethane, Urathon return rollers offer up to three times the life of rubber disc-style idlers, and are available in standard and spiral disc options.

The Urathon return roll’s non-stick properties prevent build-up of wet and sticky material on the roller discs, leading to smoother operation, greater productivity and minimized belt damage, according to the manufacturer.

Material build-up is the leading cause of conveyor belt mistracking and damage. When excessive material accumulates, rollers can double in size, which can cause issues with belt alignment that lead to downtime. In severe cases, the rollers become so weighed down by excess material that they stop working altogether. As the belt continues to slide over the stalled rollers, expensive ripping and other damage can occur.

The Urathon return roller also reduces downtime for changeouts and excessive maintenance, minimizing overall costs. Both rolls are self-cleaning, and the spiral style offers an added cleaning action on the underside of the belt to further reduce maintenance requirements caused by carryback material.

The standard roll is available in a 5, 6, or 7-in. diameters (12.7, 15.2, 17.8 cm), while the spiral roll is offered in a 6-in. (15.2 cm) diameter. Both models are compatible with conveyor belts ranging from 18 to 96 in. (45.7 to 243.8 cm) in width, and CEMA load rated at E, D, C or B.

Superior Industries manufactures stackers, transfer conveyors, stationary systems, idlers, pulleys and accessories.

Superior Industries, established in 1972, is headquartered in Morris, Minn., and manufactures from two additional plants in Arizona and Georgia.

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